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Return Merchandise Form or Return of consumables HP LATEX ONLY

Return Merchandise Form

Arrangements for a return of product must be made in advance through the Médiatech Customer Service Representative. Returns made without prior approval will be refused. Authorization is in the form of a Return material Authorization (RMA) number. The RMA number must be present on all shipping documentation and the returned goods.

Transportation for products returns must be arranged and paid for by customer – or as instructed by Customer Service. Upon receipt, Médiatech will inspect material for defects. If material is deemed defective, Médiatech will issue full reimbursement of freight as well as the product cost.

  • Every return of defective goods must include a printed sample to receive your credit.
  • Please make sure that your return is well wrapped, in a bag in a solid box, otherwise we won’t be able to give you a credit.
  • Ink cartridges and print heads must be return in their original boxes
  • 20% of restocking charges may be applied to your returns, for none defective products.

IMPORTANT: ALL fields must be filled. If a field does not apply to your request for a return authorization, write: NA.

File Upload (Pictures)
To speed up the process of your return, you can send us pictures



Return of Consumables Under Warranty – HP LATEX ONLY (100 / 200 / 300 / 500 series)

Good Day,

As of today, any warranty claim regarding consumables must be reported to HP Directly and not to Médiatech who is the HP Authorized Partner.

This applies only to the consumables still under warranty for HP Latex Printers.

  • HP Latex 100/200/300/500 Series Printers ONLY

Please read the following steps carefully:
If you desire to be served in English, dial the following number:
1-866-625-4233, then press 3 (for English)
and press 3 again (Latex printers),
and press 1 (technical support),
and press 1 again (for Latex series 100, 200, 300 and 500)
and finally press 1 (for under warranty)

You will have to provide the following information:

  • You need to be in front of the printer
  • To Have on hand the consumable
  • To Follow Remote Support Agent directions for:
    • Validating the failure and try and recover the consumable
    • Validating consumable is still under warranty
  • Note that this will include collecting information pages, images of warranty dates etc. Discarded consumables not on hand will not be replaced. HP may ask for the consumable to be returned to us to evaluate prior to replacement and if the consumable had been removed from the printer HP may request it reinstalled for validation;
  • If the consumable cannot be recovered and still under warranty, HP will proceed to send out a replacement.


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